Tuesday, February 3, 2009

F8F part three: engine, cockpit and misc

It was a busy little week what with finishing this week's update to my comic and all these little things with the F8.

A lot of it was planning and experimenting.

I painted the wheel wells and installed the internal bay:

I then worked on the landing gear. I had to add some detail, as it was a little bit sparse. It was also incorrect. As I said, I'm not a stickler, but there was a part to the landing gear that was so blatantly wrong and so easily fixable, that I had to do it. In this picture, you can see at the top of the struts, I put in the retraction actuator and some sort of spring-thing that you can see in this reference photo. You can also see a brace that I had to scratchbuild. Those are the little things to the left of the struts.

I also worked on the engine. The detail was a little soft on the cylinders; ironically, it was rather crisp on the rear set of cylinders that will be all but invisible when the cowling is installed. I installed the ignition wires and the sort of circular tube that goes around the prop gearbox. I wish I had a the equipment for better digital macro shots. Sorry. You could pretend the reference shot is the model, if you'd like ;)

Finally, while working on the wheel wells, I felt the need to cut away the not-deep-at-all intakes on the wing roots. If you know where to look in the internal bay photos of the last post, you can see how shallow they were and why I had to deal with them. Here's what I've got.

The cockpit was fun and a pain. Photo etch parts are interesting to work with, mostly because they are very very very small. Using super glue is a pain in the ass, but necessary to adhere metal to plastic.


After (with the superglue looking a bit too shiny from the flash). There is quite a bit of 3-dimensionality to it, but it's hard to see in the photos. There's even a teeny (2mm) T-handle for the fire suppression. Sweet.:

Now, I'm waiting for the shop to get some flat black paint in before I can do any more.

listening to while posting: "Maybe Not" by Cat Power

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