Friday, April 17, 2009

post meeting update

I met with the Mount Mansfield Modelers, my local modeling group, for the third time now. Interesting group. A mix of car and plane guys, of newbies and old hands. Two of the old hands are plane guys, one of them works in 1/72 scale and can really cram detail into a cockpit you can barely see! My goal, I think, is to impress the two old hands.

I brought the T-6 in it's unfinished state and spoke of the foolishness of working on two models at once (quite humorously, all of the guys after me, including the two old hands, admitted to working on two models at once! lol)

Here's the Texan:

Not, too bad. The landing light lenses are REALLY thick. I'm not sure what to do about that.

Here's the nose. I do like that engine.

The tailwheel broke off and disappeared entirely. Luckily, I had two tiny wheels in my Box-O-Parts. I have no idea where the came from, but the were the perfect size. I'm glad I had two, because my scratchbuild looks better than the original.

I could only present the chassis and cockpit of the Cobra as a paint test showed that something was very wrong with the paint I was using. It went on super orange-skinned. The old hands thought it might have been too cold and recommended soaking the can in warm water before spraying.

What I brought was well-received, even by the car guy who wires his engines in the proper firing order. He's really into making the bodies look good, so I doubt my skills will measure up to his standards. The 1/72 scale plane guy liked my seatbelts, but I know for a fact he puts in seatbelts that were hardly bigger than my buckles.

Here's the cockpit. The second shot is just to show off my scratchbuilt fire extingisher!

Listening to while posting: "Light the Match" by Mirah


  1. all really sweet if you ask me.
    Have you asked about the clutch?

    I've been working on multiple models for ages..but..yeah it kinda sucks. You can better concentrate on one model at a time..

  2. as soon as I got home I smacked myself in the head because I'd forgotten to ask about the clutch!