Thursday, September 30, 2010

Matchbox 1/72 Stranraer

I won a Stranraer at my model building club's auction two weeks ago (US$3) and jumped right in. I wasn't planning on much of an interior, but that little open door just called to me. It is my first 1/72 scale model since 1989...

More specifically, it called to that little portion of my brain afflicted with AMS. I'm holding back a bit, not putting super-detail where it really won't be seen, but I wanted the interior aft of the door to at least look busy when the viewer's eye moves past the windows.

The admin of the forum on was very helpful when I told him my tale when applying to the forum. He sent some awesome plans.

This is the rough, unpainted interior. Much of the little bits (Lewis magazines, first aid kits, extending lamp, etc) are not in and will be painted separately. The major furninshings are done. The cockpit is nearly done, I'm deciding on how to do the second pilots fold-away seat and rudder pedals. Click on the images for the full view. Most of the images are longer than 600px and blogger just crops them.

Sorry for the odd angle on these...

A lot of work for a tiny door. But, it had to be done. Well, maybe it didn't, but I did it anyway...

Listening to while posting: the torrential rain hitting the roof. Zowie!


  1. can you look inside that well? Wondering because you went all out on the interior, looks pretty sweet.
    There will be a modelling update on my side soon, it's just quite a big project that took months to paint up. *added this one to the rss again*

  2. @arjan: yeah, weren't you supposed to post pics of your Orlyonok (Ekranoplan?) last year?

    Of course, you've got a lot of WH40K minis to paint up.

  3. If it's spottable even the tiniest bit you have to put it in.

  4. Darn tootin', Warren! That's the way to enable my AMS :)

  5. I love the mini details! You're craftier than me now, you know. :)

  6. yeah I need to fix the Ekranoplane...
    I'll plan it this week, just to fix it, reminds me I've also got 2 mig 29's as an escort.

  7. I'm currently building this superb Revell version of this kit also.

    In planning my final 'attack' I have discovered (and progressed to fitting) 2x 1/24 Airfix electric motors into the engine cowlings......! :-)